Our Story

Rhett Anderson, a competitive golfer since age 9, was displaced to Austin, Texas after failed professional golf dreams. When he was displaced, his friends lost their golf coach, but that didn't stop them from getting his feedback. 

Instead they would FaceTime Rhett while on the range, or text him videos of their swings, where he would upload into a swing analyzer app on his phone, critique the video and feedback to send back to his friends/students.


After the first FaceTime lesson, Rhett saw the potential that could be MyLesson- a platform built for instructors and students to communicate in real time over the internet, where instructors could record a few swings of that video and send for feedback. A platform where students can search for instructors around the world, read reviews and find the instructor who best fits them, whether that be because of skillset, availability or price.


Since that day on the couch, Rhett has partnered with Satish Kodukula to bring MyLesson to market. Satish is a serial entrepreneur, with his most recent, AllStarPick is a platform connecting athletes with anyone virtually. The two have since partnered with Nick O'Hern, former 16th ranked golfer in the world, to bring on top shelf instructors.

Meet The Team

Rhett Anderson

CEO, Co-Founder

Rhett, a BBA graduate from Georgia Southern University, has been around and competed at the highest level of the game of golf since age 10. Through his years in southeast Georgia he had the exposure to numerous Golfdigest top 50 instructors and forged relationships with the some of the best instructors and golfers the world has to offer.

Satish Kodukula

COO, Co-Founder

Satish holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Engineering Management from the University of Texas at Austin. He has founded and successfully exited numerous including nabthedeal.com and thelunchdeal.com.

Satish brings a wealth of startup and scaling knowledge to the MyLesson team.

Nick O'Hern

Director + Advisor

Nick spent two decades competing on the world's biggest professional golf tours. Represented Australia at two World Cups and the International Team at two Presidents Cups. The only man to beat Tiger Woods twice in the World Match Play Championship.
Now mentor's golfers of all levels, conducting Tour Mentality workshops and providing unique golf outings for companies and select clients.

Author of 'Tour Mentality - Inside the Mind of Tour Pro'. Available on www.amazon.com or go to  www.nickohern.com

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